Comprehensive, up-to-date NCAA education.

Discover the foremost digital solution for comprehensive, up-to-date NCAA compliance education.

ComplyU is specifically tailored for all your key staff and student-athletes, available on the computer or mobile phone 24/7, 365 days a year.


How ComplyU Works

When a university subscribes to ComplyU, the Compliance Office will receive instructions on how to enroll its staff and student-athletes into the appropriate courses. We have courses for everyone from athletic coaches to the marketing team to the groundskeeping staff. Each course will offer 24/7 access to content tailored specifically to that population and the rules that they need to know. 


Courses are interactive & visual.

The courses are interactive and visual, offering subscribers the ability to highlight key pieces, make notes in the margins, and send questions directly to their institution's Compliance Office for clarification. Subscribers can also perform self assessments throughout the course to check their understanding of the information.

Timely education, tailored to each user's needs.

Each course provides timely NCAA education that is relevant to their subscribers' seasonal needs. For example, the course geared toward your communications staff will cover publicity rules just prior to the NLI signing dates for each sport. In the spring, the football coach's course will review recruitment regulations prior to the spring evaluation period so that coaches can recruit with confidence that they are operating to the highest ethical standards. If at any time an NCAA policy changes, the courses will be quickly updated so subscribers are always working with the most up-to-date information.



Convenient downloadable resources.

Some forms of education are not well suited for an online platform, but we've still got you covered! Resources that need to be downloaded and printed, such as recruiting calendars and booster education brochures, will be included in the course for your institution to access and use as you see fit. 

Course tracking and quality reporting tools.

With the help of ComplyU, a university's Compliance Office can track who is completing their educational courses and how much time they are spending in each one.  This is a great step toward tracking head coach control initiatives, and will prove invaluable if an issue ever arises.   



ComplyU offers accessible information to specific populations with subscribers' needs in mind, so that all your departments are informed but not overwhelmed.



ComplyU is the first course of its kind, and was developed to be intuitive and interactive. The course education is relevant and timely, and the course platform is engaging.



By enrolling in ComplyU, you can free your staff up to focus on things that really matter. We can handle all the boring behind-the-desk stuff so you can focus on getting out of your office and building more direct and meaningful relationships with your colleagues and student-athletes.